Well, it’s not gonna suck itself (yes this is my dick)…


Alright so I’m going to go ahead and crush your hopes now, I don’t cum in the video. Don’t get me wrong, that’s what I was going for but failed lol. Due to prior “engagements” in the morning.. twice.. I couldn’t even make myself fully hard in the video. I still think it was pretty good and worth watching.

The idea in the video was that the camera is a mirror which is why I don’t look into it the whole time yet glance over every now and then lol.

I hope you all enjoy! feedback would be great, or even just reblogs =]


Perfection has attained a whole new level!

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I will post a nude.  <—- Link to my other pictures.image


Vaughan’s home alone! Time to get naked ;) #selfie #nude #dermals #stretchedears #tattoo